Sunday, November 09, 2014

Risk Management and Rule Compliance - What is the connection?

Some time ago I noticed a discussion in the Process Safety group on LinkedIn with the headline "Do you have the right balance between risk-management and rule compliance?". I was curious, because to me rule compliance is one of the tools of risk management. So how could there be a balance the objective, i.e. risk management, and one of the tools used to perform this task, i.e. rule compliance?

The working of the complete post was "Risk-management and rule-compliance are inter-related strategies for promoting safety in hazardous industries. They are co-existing and complementary, not contradictory. We have free download that demonstrate what happens between the two strategies for a wide range of operational decision-making. Just let me know if you like a copy and I will email you". The post claimed to be from someone, who was production assistant at Oxygen360.

Since had certain issues with the wording of the original post, and did not know the company Oxygen360, I decided to google a bit before asking for the free download. Why don't they just provide a link to the free download? I quickly discovered, that there are at least two companies using the name Oyxgen360. One is a company in Australia, which based on their website is involved in the creation of digital content. From the website it is quite clear that this company is not at all involved in process safety or risk management, except maybe  the risk of people not liking the content, which they create.

The other company had the a website at, which appear to be a UK based company. I write "had" because the website is no longer available after I posted a warning in the discussion on LinkedIn at the end of October. At that time it appeared to me, that the website appeared to be involved in creating links between contractors and clients for short term work. For now however, they have disappeared from the web, and when I visited the site in October there was nothing available for free download. Hence it appear to me, that the post cited above was just an attempt to gathers e-mail addresses of safety professionals.

I am a bit concerned, that almost 100 safety professionals on one of the major LinkedIn groups related to process safety apparently without any hesitation respond to a post and expose their e-mail without first looking into the background for the post.

But maybe there is something out there about risk-management and rule compliance. The person behind the original post claim to current be working both for Oxygen360 and FutureMedia, and has an education from University of Technology in Sidney. FutureMedia is involved in creating training material for among other things workplace health and safety. But also FutureMedia have no free download about rule compliance. However, they do have many other interesting type of safety training material.

Therefore I have still not requested my "free download" about the balance between risk-management and rule compliance. However by googling a bit more I discovered a working paper from 2010 by Andrew Hopkins titled "Risk Management and Rule Compliance, Decision Making in Hazardous Industries", which I look forward to reading. Hopefully then I will understand the connection.