Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ryerson University in Toronto don't like collaborating students

I just read on the CBC news, that a student at Ryerson University face explusion because he facilitated collaboration among his fellow students. To me it appears as if Ryerson don't like collaborating students.

The days when each students sat behind a small disk in the library for long hours to study a subject has long gone from most progessive universities around the world. Todays business demand engineers who are able to collaborate not just with a colleaque in the office next door, but also with the people in the company or supplier office on the other side of the world.

Such collaboration is what students can learn in the facebook environment created and managed by the Ryerson student. So in my view Ryerson would be better off if they encouraged such collaboration, and maybe allowed the professor to learn some modern teaching approaches at a course, e.g. the ones given by Professor Felder.